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Within the application, Search occurs at an application level (e.g., accessible from the Global Header) as well as at a component level (e.g., within the Add Drawer). Search uses a variant of the Type-ahead pattern. Type-ahead for Search allows users to find an item and navigate to or select the item to perform an action, whereas Type-ahead for Forms is specifically for finding an item to populate in the corresponding form field.


Appearance & Behavior

The following distinctions apply to Type-ahead for Search:

  • Results are sorted in relevancy order.
  • The results are displayed in-line if real estate is available (as when searching the Add Drawer); otherwise, they are displayed in an Overlay (as when performing a global application search).
  • As many search results are displayed as possible in the real estate afforded by the results container (e.g., the height of the Add Drawer or the maximum height of the global search results Overlay given the browser height).
  • Users can choose to see all results, which navigates the user to a search results page containing all search results.

An example of search that displays results in-line


Global application search, which is accessible from the Global Header, displays results in an Overlay

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