The goal of the Harmony Marketing project is to create a single design language for all of SBG Marketing.


During the Harmony product design engagement, the frog team delivered Transit, a design language system that establishes a cohesive multi-device experience across Intuit’s primary Small Business Group products. With Project Harmony Marketing, Intuit wishes to extend Transit and define a marketing design language system to apply to a cohesive set of marketing templates and components.

Problem Statement & Business Objective

The current Intuit SBG product marketing sites are inconsistent, confusing, and not recognizable as a coherent family of pages.

The rollout of Harmony across SBG products provides an opportunity to establish and roll out a parallel marketing design language for SBG Marketing.

Program Objective

The goal of this program is to translate and extend the Transit design language established in Harmony to SBG Marketing. Part of this effort also includes infusing Intuit’s new brand guidelines into the design and providing art direction for hero areas, photography, and product shots.


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