IPD Landing Pages

IPD Landing Pages display benefits, pricing and other marketing content that will help users make a choice about a specific offering. They can have multiple calls to action (request live demo, sign up, watch video) and can be used for rapid testing. Using a subset of additional marketing-style components, teams have the flexibility to create various design layouts to meet their needs.

The IPD Landing Page is a full-width layer that sits on top of the main application content, like a Trowser, but doesn’t have a sticky footer.


When to Use

  • Display after the user has selected an IPD Access Point link
  • Display after a user has selected a “Get Started” button (to turn on Payroll, for example.)

Appearance & Behavior


The IPD Landing Page uses an animation similar to the Trowser. The HeaderStage, and details slide down from the top of the browser and reverses if closing.

Common Components

  • Marketing content (may include video)
  • Benefits
  • Pricing / price comparison
  • Illustrations, icons, or screenshots
  • Phone number
  • Legal text, or “show more link” to reveal additional details
  • Call to action, which links to the Activation Flow
  • Promotional banner
  • Promotional pricing

Example Layouts / Templates

NOTE: These are for illustrative purposes only.

Learn Page

When the customer is aware of the offering, but doesn’t fully understand the benefits or how it works. If the offering is a singular choice, then offer the ability to buy; if there are multiple options, consider the Compare Page.


Compare Page

When the customer understands the benefit of your product, but needs to select the most suitable option, and compare the most important differences between choices.


Input Page

When more customer data in required in order to proceed to using the offering.


Promotional Components

When there is a short-term campaign or discount occurring that improves the value of the offering.





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