Help is always available from the Global Header or the Trowser header, and provides contextual quick access to screen-specific topics. Users can also search for specific help content, open one of the available topics, or access other support options.


When to Use

When a user seeks assistance on interacting with the product, or understanding an accounting-related topic.

Appearance & Behavior

The Help Flyout displays after clicking the help icon in the global header.

  • Do limit the number of topics for page-specific help to five.
  • Limit the amount of content to avoid scrollbars.


When the user clicks on a help topic or does a search, a help popover displays with the resulting content and the flyout closes.

Help popover

Behavior of the Help Popover

The help popover content is sticky. If the user navigates to a different page in the product while it is open, the help popover should continue to show the same help content unless the user takes action inside the popover, like another search.

The help popover can be minimized and dragged to any location on the screen, but it always stays on top, even if navigating to another screen or Trowser.

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