Our Color Palette

The QuickBooks color palette is part of a comprehensive palette for all Intuit brands. Each brand emphasizes a select group of colors from this palette.


QuickBooks Primary Colors

Green is the primary color for QuickBooks. It is used strategically to call attention to elements on a page, and not used in large fields. Light gray complements the green and occupies larger areas in a design. It plays an important role as a background in our photography system and has an essential role in information hierarchies in marketing and product UI.

Dark gray is the primary body text color. It’s also a callout color and helps to establish information hierarchies. Use it wisely so that it doesn’t overpower the lighter gray. Its unique mix creates a warmth that helps humanize our body text, as well as create contrast and interest.



The Secondary Color Palette

A secondary color palette is mainly used for functions within the QuickBooks UI. It can be sparingly used for important call outs within marketing. Great examples are Flags, which announce important discounts. These colors can’t be more dominant than the primary QuickBooks colors (green, light gray, dark gray).


Color Values

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