Shawna Kirby


Guidance Tooltips provide contextual help throughout the application.

Zero State


Choosers are a multi-selectable tiles that create a page level output based on a user’s input. 

Learn Pages

Learn pages display benefits, pricing and other necessary content that will help users make a choice about a specific offering. A defined set of components gives teams the flexibility to create custom layouts to meet their needs.

Product Selector

The Product Selector page is a page dedicated to helping the user choose between multiple pricing plans, SKUs, or product offerings. Ideally, this page can be skipped because we will have automatically recommended an Read More

Card Pattern

Cards are smart, multi-dimensional UI components that allow users quick access to features, tasks, and insights. Cards are intended to be a snapshot or “bite-sized” version of more complex product functionality, enabling the user to  engage with feature functionality in a more Read More

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