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Guidance Tooltips provide contextual help throughout the application.


Badges are non-interactive, visual indicators used to capture the user’s attention.

Warning Messages

Full-page Warnings block the user from entering/continuing a flow. Page-level Warnings are less urgent, but contain information users need to address.


The Stage is used to provide a high-level overview for the page and is always locked at the top of the page. It can include a heading, an Insight, and a minimal set of Read More

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is an event-based timeline meant to keep the user informed of activity within the application. The Activity Feed is grouped by days with the most recent activity at the top. Each Read More


Harmony’s UI color palette is derived from Intuit’s brand palette, consisting of Intuit blue and a selection of accent colors that compliment our brand. Grays, gray-blues, and Intuit blue form the foundation for the Read More

Default Layout

This layout illustrates the most common page type. It consists of a Stage and a content area.

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