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Upgrade Icon

Used in the Global Create Flyout, the upward facing arrow icon indicates functionality that isn’t available until the user upgrades. The icon always displays to the right of the menu item. Upgrade Icons

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Embedded Feature

Embedded features invite users to extend the product’s functionality, without detracting from their ability to find and use the existing features. It should look distinct from and secondary to the other content on the page. But Read More

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Sticky Footer Link

Sticky Footer Links use the existing Trowser sticky footer to display a relevant access point. Since these links are typically static for each transaction type, it is best to use this pattern to feature Read More

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Learn Pages

Learn pages display benefits, pricing and other necessary content that will help users make a choice about a specific offering. A defined set of components gives teams the flexibility to create custom layouts to meet their needs.

Product Selector

The Product Selector page is a page dedicated to helping the user choose between multiple pricing plans, SKUs, or product offerings. Ideally, this page can be skipped because we will have automatically recommended an Read More

Task List

The Task List is a module on the dashboard that shows when a customer has one or more tasks to complete. It displays a list of actionable task messages paired with links that provide direct Read More

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is an event-based timeline meant to keep the user informed of activity within the application. The Activity Feed is grouped by days with the most recent activity at the top. Each Read More

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