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On mobile devices, users can use the Create Icon to create transactions and other important actions. It is available on every screen except transaction modals. On a tablet, it opens a menu with multiple selections. Read More

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Information Messages

Information messaging is a suggested action/service/data that users might find helpful, but isn’t a business logic blocker or critical to their experience. They can be vertically stacked and combined with other message types.

Date Picker

The Date Picker allows the user to make a single date selection using a calendar view. It is invoked on :focus of a Text Field.

Warning Messages

Full-page Warnings block the user from entering/continuing a flow. Page-level Warnings are less urgent, but contain information users need to address.


Popovers come in a few flavors: form popovers and date pickers, and appear to “pop over” the main content on the screen to allow for secondary task completion.

Confirmation Messages

Confirmation messages let the user know that they have successfully completed a task. See the Pen Confirmation Messages by Harmony Design (@harmonydesign) on CodePen.

Critical Alerts

Critical alerts are system-generated messages that warn of situations with serious consequences unless action is taken. Examples include: loss of data, loss of access to data.


A Drawer is a panel that slides in and out from the right. It’s used to help users complete a task faster and in context, such as to add charges or attachments to a Read More


Helvetica Neue LT is the primary font in the design language system. Its clean and modern characteristics map well to Harmony’s design principles. Furthermore, Helvetica Neue LT renders well across a variety of platforms and Read More

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Carousels allow the user to browse a set of similar items. They can be used to reduce the amount of vertical space taken by a set of items, but should only be used in Read More

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