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Guidance Tooltips provide contextual help throughout the application.

IPD Access Points

IPD Access Points are messages inside the product that alert users to new or relevant offers. IPD Access Points should feel like integrated parts of the UI, not like banners or advertisements.

Learn Pages

Learn pages display benefits, pricing and other necessary content that will help users make a choice about a specific offering. A defined set of components gives teams the flexibility to create custom layouts to meet their needs.

Task List

The Task List is a module on the dashboard that shows when a customer has one or more tasks to complete. It displays a list of actionable task messages paired with links that provide direct Read More


Badges are non-interactive, visual indicators used to capture the user’s attention.


Buttons perform actions. We have multiple types of buttons including basic, menu, combo, and combo link. The hierarchy of importance is emphasized and delineated by using primary and secondary buttons.

IPD Landing Pages

IPD Landing Pages display benefits, pricing and other marketing content that will help users make a choice about a specific offering. They can have multiple calls to action (request live demo, sign up, watch video) Read More


Tables are structured grids of information that help users make sense of potentially large amounts of data. To allow a user to focus on their task at hand, tables consist of 3 modes: Default Read More


A full pattern about illustration is coming soon. In the meantime, if you need an illustration: Contact Sherry Ding about the proposed illustration concept, scope and timeline. Decide on your story/metaphor and draw a rough sketch for her. Read More

Animations & Transitions

There is a tiger team exploring how motion can give feedback to our users, delight them, and help them understand how the app works. Wanna join them? Send us an email.

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