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One Intuit Identity (OII)

One Intuit Identity (OII) offers customers a world-class first use experience by creating a simple and familiar way to sign on to all Intuit products. The harmony theme of the OII widget is used Read More


Badges are non-interactive, visual indicators used to capture the user’s attention.

Step Flow

A flow simplifies a long or complicated task by breaking it down into easily digestible steps, so that users can finish faster with less errors.

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Buttons perform actions. We have multiple types of buttons including basic, menu, combo, and combo link. The hierarchy of importance is emphasized and delineated by using primary and secondary buttons.


Tables are structured grids of information that help users make sense of potentially large amounts of data. To allow a user to focus on their task at hand, tables consist of 3 modes: Default Read More


Within the application, Search occurs at an application level (e.g., accessible from the Global Header) as well as at a component level (e.g., within the Add Drawer).

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Sometimes our users need a way to change or update content they’ve added. The Quickbooks ecosystem provides a wide range of tools, so the edit states in our apps solve for a wide range of use Read More

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Helpful Links

Links can sometimes be used to provide clarity in context with the current user task. Info Links are linked words or terms that deliver quick clarification via a tooltip. Content should be brief and useful Read More


Users can either delete an item permanently (example: delete a transaction, or delete a customer) or remove a line-item from another item (e.g. remove a note from a transaction). When deleting an item permanently, use a critical alert Read More

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There are two ways to select things… single-select, and multi-select. Single-select allows users to select one item only from a set of mutually exclusive ones. Typically, one option is defined as the default selection. Read More

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