Amanda Fetterly

Helpful Links

Links can sometimes be used to provide clarity in context with the current user task. Info Links are linked words or terms that deliver quick clarification via a tooltip. Content should be brief and useful Read More

Date Picker

The Date Picker allows the user to make a single date selection using a calendar view. It is invoked on :focus of a Text Field.


Harmony’s UI color palette is derived from Intuit’s brand palette, consisting of Intuit blue and a selection of accent colors that compliment our brand. Grays, gray-blues, and Intuit blue form the foundation for the Read More


Tooltips contain brief messages that appear in response to a user action.

Mobile Iconography

Each icon clearly communicates the task it solves for. When applied consistently, icons enable our customers to quickly complete a task (examples: delete an item, attach a file). Icons should never be used as Read More

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