Connecting Financial Accounts

Connecting financial accounts to QuickBooks saves time with less manual data entry. Data will be surfaced in QuickBooks for review and an onboarding process will explain how to review and properly manage the data. This pattern covers the set up process for such connections.

When to Use

    • Users are connecting an account that touches a Bank or Credit Card
    • Data coming in can be “staged” for review (vs. automatically written to books)

Why Use This Framework

    • Users are especially wary of messing up accounting
    • Users abandon the connection process
    • Users don’t feel better after connecting





Comfort and encourage by outlining the path to achieving the desired benefit. Radically focus only on things that are crucial to establish before moving data. Reveal in a clear and delightful way that they have succeeded and that data is now flowing.

  • Use before-task trowser to prepare the user for auth, set-up and first time use
  • Skip Intuit authorization for apps Intuit built
  • Use an interstitial modal on the learn page to guide users attempting a connection that is not recommended yet
  • Authorization step with animation launches a new (pop-up) window for requesting permissions from the third party (and close it automatically)

  • One screen for bank setup, one for past transactions (leave transaction detail handling to onboarding and ongoing use)
  • Use smart defaults
    • Look for unconnected bank accounts in chart of accounts to map to (select by default if account name matches connection name)
    • Default to a suggested past transactions date (based on last transaction if bank already existed, or beginning of tax year if not)

  • Memorable connected moment
  • Automatically transition from success message to importing animation to CTA for onboarding experience.

 Prepare - Connect to Bank of America

Setup - Start date
Bank of America is now connected
Bringing in past transactions for review

Transactions are ready for review

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