Connecting Accounts



Connecting accounts to QuickBooks feels so safe and easy that our customers confidently choose to connect all of their business accounts.

Why Use This Framework

    • Users are wary of connecting accounts
      • Vastly different connection flow experiences undermine user confidence and prevent mastery
      • Connecting accounts is inherently risky (data security, workflow disruption, etc.)
    • Users abandon the connection process
      • Connecting accounts requires too much cognitive load or takes too long
      • Authorizing process feels daunting
      • Benefit of the connection is unclear
    • Users don’t feel better after connecting
      • Unclear if connection was successful
      • No recognition of the tenacity and bravery displayed by connecting
      • No sense of doing something special, made possible by QB

When to Use

    • Users are choosing to connect a 3rd-party account
    • The connection requires initial authorization, set-up or configuration
    • Details about how the connection works are available pre-connection
    • A connection-specific onboarding process is available post-connection

Design Strategy

  • Speak to the 80% and delight them
  • Remove non-essential steps/screens (lean on post-connection onboarding)
  • Focus each step on one simple, clear purpose
  • Reveal what is happening behind the scenes with clear loading messages and animations
  • Describe the steps required in context of the greater benefit
  • Use animation to convey key concepts
  • Use logic to personalize content and intelligently guide
  • Focus set up on getting just enough data in to support onboarding

Connecting Accounts Framework


Set up


Comfort and encourage by outlining the path to achieving the desired benefit. Radically focus only on things that are crucial to establish before finalizing connection. Reveal in a clear and delightful way that they have succeeded.

  • Does the user understand what will be required to get the benefit of the connection?
  • Is it possible for the user to think data might hit their books without review?
  • Does the user understand why authorization is required and worth doing?
  • What will help the user confidently grant permissions when asked?

  • What do we already know about the user?
  • The account the user is connecting may already be in their chart of accounts
  • Bringing in some past transactions will enable a nice segue into onboarding
  • What settings could be delayed until post-activation?
  • Can most users easily glide through with our default recommendations?

  • Will the user be able to tell when exactly the data starts flowing?
  • Does the user understand what is happening during importing or loading?
  • Does the user feel successful and accomplished and excited to connect another account?
  • How can we elegantly transition into onboarding and active use?

 Prepare - Connect to Bank of America

Setup - Start date
Bank of America is now connected
Bringing in past transactions for review

Transactions are ready for review

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