The Harmony Ecosystem

All together now


Our vision is to create a cohesive, multi-device user experience that unites Intuit’s small business products. This product ecosystem is built on a foundation of design principles, frameworks and cohesive patterns – which can all be found in this toolkit. So come on and dive in…

Harmony Design Principles

  1. Be simple, easy to use, and guiding.
  2. Design for the customer and instill confidence.
  3. Establish modern and iconic ownable moments.
  4. Celebrate data while respecting user and device context.

Learn more about the Harmony Design Principles


This is the Harmony Toolkit, where you’ll find all the guidance you’ll need in creating apps for the QuickBooks ecosystem. This site is a living document that will be updated as we continue to develop and iterate on our products.

If you have further questions on the Harmony Design Language or the Harmony Toolkit, please contact

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